Minimalist Task List For Your Bullet Journal

This is a very simple bullet journal spread with a minimalist layout. There’s a simple indicator of the date in the upper left corner for each day section. This is on the side of the page next to the binding of the notebook.

You can place the date wherever you’d like as long as you don’t mix it up with the rest of your content and you can easily tell the date.

Week View

Each day of the week has a section, including regular-sized sections for the weekends. There’s limited space for each day so you don’t create a mile-long list that will overwhelm you. 

Write down your tasks as separate points so you can differentiate each one when you check your list.

Focus on a few tasks for each day and prioritize them. 

Focus on your top priorities.

After you’ve written out your list, highlight your top three items. These are your top tasks to focus on for the day. These are your high-value tasks.

You don’t always have to highlight three tasks. You can highlight less than three but no more than three.

This method of prioritizing your tasks is useful especially if you feel that all of your tasks are important. This way forces you to place a value on the tasks that you list.

Anything you complete after you accomplish after those top, highlighted task is an added bonus.

It’s impossible to do everything anyway. With your priorities laid out, you won’t worry as much about low-value items. You can focus your energy and resources firstly on those high-value tasks.


This layout gives you space in the margins. You can use this space for any notes that you’d like to take down. This can be any details related to your tasks, your schedule, or anything that you’ve observed about your routines.