Minimalist Bullet Journal With Top Tasks, Habits, And Weekly Insight
Growth Learner minimalist bullet journal layout

This bullet journal spread uses a minimalist design. There are five main elements to the layout–the calendar, the week view, the week’s top tasks, a habit tracker, and weekly insight. 


The layout has a calendar view of the entire month in the top left corner of the left page. It has an indicator of the month with the largest font in the spread.

The calendar view has a row to indicate day of the week using the first letter of each day so you can easily tell what day each date falls on. All the days of the month are written out.

Week View

There’s a lot of space for the week view. The first day starts with Sunday and ends with Saturday. The days have their own full sections like the rest of the days.

The week view is broken up by day with a single line in between each day and the date on the binding side of the page. You can write down the tasks, priorities, and any scheduled events for each day.

Visualize your whole week and realize what your top priorities are.


Use this space to call out your top tasks for the entire week and any habits you want to build. While the view for each day enables you see your top tasks for that particular day, you can use the top tasks in the margin for more of a big-picture view of your tasks.

The top tasks in the margin allow you to immediately identify what’s most important for the entire week. This way you don’t have to go back and forth between each day to compare tasks.

Weekly Insight

The last section is a space to note any weekly insight that you’ve gained. This is where you note anything that can you improve on and anything that helped your routines, activities, or well-being.